Wednesday, November 30, 2011

6 Months & 2 Years!!

Lukas just had a birthday and turned 2 years old!! I have no idea how time has flown by so dang fast but this little stinker is already giving me a run for my money.. He is SO wild and has to be doing what Jayven is doing and more!! He loves to jump off of the couch and do flips and be as daring as can be! He is insane!! But, holy crap he is so stinkin cute!! We just cut his hair and he looks so much older than he did with long hair.. So cute. I just love him
Here are his stats:
Weight-23.11 pounds = 7th%
Height-33 Inches = 28th%
Head-18 3/4 Inches = 30th%
My little man is TINY!!! lol he is a short skinny kiddo...

Josie turned 6 Months on November 6th! She is just the best thing ever so dang pretty and such a HAPPY baby!! I could seriously not ask for a happier baby. I love her! She is rolling over and sitting up and she is inches away from crawling it will just be days before she gets to it. :)
Here are her stats:
Weight-17.5 pounds = 70th%
Height- 27.5 inches = 97th%
Head- 16.5 inches = 40th%
Ok so here you see Josie is only 5.5 Inches smaller than Luke!! Holy crap!! it is so funny taking them places if Luke is not talking people think they are twins.. lol
I love my kiddos so much!! :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wow! Its been too long...

I know I know where have I been? Lets just say between kids, hunting, a new baby, and James in school (which leaves me with no computer) I just haven't had the time to blog. Which makes me sad.. I want to document as much as I can for my kiddos.. Lots has happened here at our house.. Josie is growin g like a weed.
Luke is learning SO much.
Jayven is in his 2nd year of preschool and is loving it and learning lots. It makes me so happy.. James is GRADUATING in December!!
I couldn't be more excited about this. It will open up so many doors but also close some doors as well. Which will be huge in our home, who knows where we will be and when all of this will happen but it will.. I think it will just be the suspense that kills me, I don't know that I can handle the anxiety that will come with all the changes. But we will conquer once again.
I have just been the mom. Need I say more? I also was lucky enough to get an Elk this year. It was such a great hunt and we had so much fun. Thanks to our friends for taking us to their area and putting us on some big bulls. I'm pretty happy with my big bull. We are waiting to get him back he is being mounted right now. I'm excited to get him back and put him up on the wall!!!
I am happy that fall has arrived but I feel that it is quickly coming to an end. Which i'm not so sure how I feel about this. I love the cooler weather (cooler not FREEZING)
Jayven just finished soccer and I coached. He actually liked soccer more than T-ball and he seemed to keep focused better as well. It was great seeing him on the field and he made a few goals in the few games he played. I hope to practice with him more before spring soccer starts. :)
Luke turns 2 in two weeks! Josie is 6 months in a few days.. Gosh, time flies...
I love these kiddos so much... I may be high tempered but at the end of the day I still wouldn't trade them for the world!
Here are some pics.. I'll blog Josie's 6 months and Lukes 2 years after their dr appointment.
Josie has some cute piggies..
Our soccer team: Dallyn, Jayven, Rachel, Me (Missing: Bostyn)
My soccer champ
Luke got to paint his pumpkin this year he had a great time!
Jayven so proud of his pumpkin he did it all by himself!
My pride and joy!!
Jayven learned how to ride a 2 wheeler!! SO bitter sweet.
train ride at lagoon Luke wouldn't even look at the camera. lol
Pretty girl!
Jayven's first ever field trip to the pumpkin patch.
Me and Jesss

This cute girl found her toes!!! I love this stage..
James and I with my big bull!s
Ain't he pretty?? ;)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

5 new posts!! :) keep going...

Pictures of Josie

Sleepin with her daddy! So precious

Josie's first concert :) she loved it!! Clint Black June 4, 2011
I think this is so cute how she puts her fingers.
Josie Kaye 1 month old!!!

This picture is so funny!! lol

her belly button

Josie is now a month old and I can't believe it!! She is getting so big. I love her to pieces.. I never thought I would/could love a little girl so much!! But she is just great... I love putting dresses on her (another thing I thought I would NEVER do or say). She has hair and lots of it so I love to put bows and headbands on her. Her head is so small tho that most of the ones I have don't fit well enough.. She is doing great and sleeping even better.. She only wakes up 1 time in the night and then goes right back to sleep, and I don't know if she knows when James leaves for work or what but she will wake up when he leaves and I will pull her into bed with me and she will put her arm on my face and go back to sleep.. It is the sweetest thing EVER!! mmm i just love that girl! lol here are some random pictures we have gotten of her..
Her two week stats were:
7 lbs 8 oz 35%
20.5 in 75%
head: 13.5 in 50%
She smiles alot! And she has such cute dimples!!

Her binki is almost as big as her face! lol

Memorial Day weekend...

This memorial day weekend we tried to see people that we don't see often and visit some graves.. We were able to see Grandma and Grandpa Thomas. They are getting up there in age so it is really good to be able to visit with them since who knows when they will take their lifetime trip.. They are truly the neatest people in the world and such great examples. I look up to them alot and hope that my life as an old lady is as happy as their life.. :) They have wonderful children and wonderful grandchildren, great grandchildren. I have lost count how many people there are in the family but we were well over a hundred a few years ago!! It is great!!

Great Grandpa and Grandma Thomas Lukas, Josie, Jayven May 2011

We also got to go and visit with my Grandpa.. Man, I'm doing good two times in a year!!! LOL This is how it should be but I just haven't made it priority and I have told myself I need to get down there more often so I did. I did have an excuse this time to help me get down there, I wanted him to meet little Josie Kaye.. I enjoyed every minute that we were there seeing him. I showed him Josie while she laid in her car seat and he smiled!! :) I then had to get her out to let him hold her and he just kept looking at her.. I didn't want to let go of her just in case something happened but I could tell he really enjoyed it! He is actually pretty lucky, not only did he get Christian (Britteny's baby) Josie but he got Oakley Ann (Jacqui's baby) on his birthday!! June 7th..
I miss my grandpa and I love him very much and from the look in his eyes every time we are there I can see how much he loves me and my kids and i'm so grateful for that!!

Lynds, Josie, Great Grandpa Don, Jayven, Luke, James May 2011
We also went and visited James' Great Grandma's grave. I didn't know her that well, but I know James talks alot about her and what he loved about her and her house and their visits with her. She always had something to say and great memories.. I'm sure James will always remember things about her.. James was in Iraq when she passed away which was hard on all of us. But he knew that she was in a better place.. I will never forget her services.. I was sicker than a dog, but I went anyways. The services were great and I cried the WHOLE time.. I remember James' brother getting up and talking and I could barely keep it together!! Such a great lady who will never be forgotten!!

We also visited my grandma and grandpa's grave along with unlce Tom and uncle Randy. I was young when my grandma died but I have memories of her that I will never forget. I remember her voice raspy and all.. I can't forget her.. She was great.. I miss her and love her alot!! My grandpa passed away before I was born so I don't know him, but my dad tells me ALL THE TIME that he would love us kids and he would be so proud of us.. Just for that I miss him and wish I knew him, but I know he is looking over me and still proud.. One day I will meet him and I look forward to it! Uncle Randy too died before I was born so no memories of him, but I do know that he and my dad looked ALOT alike.. I will one day meet him too. :) Uncle Tom... Oh the memories.. I have TOOOO many to put on here and I have blogged about him before. I miss this man DAILY.. Especially on my drives home.. That is when I could talk to him the best.. I knew that if I called him anywhere else I would stop listening because I would have to do something here and he would continue to talk my ear off and not even know I wasn't listening.. LOL Ugh, I hate thinking about this because it makes me teary eyed. I love and miss him SO much..
What a great weekend to reminisce on all of the memories..

My big boy..

May 19, 2011

Jayven has now graduated Preschool!! I can't believe how much he learned in the 5 months that he was in.. He went in knowing things but he came out knowing SO much more!
ABC's: Check
Spelling his name: Check
Writing his name: Check
Opposites: Check
Rhyming: Check
gosh, so much more can't think of right now.. I just love that kid and he is too smart for his own good!! I couldn't be more proud of him!! :) Such a handsome boy..
Jayven starts T-ball tomorrow and he is so excited!! But, I think I am more excited!! :) I will post pictures.. Who knows when tho. LOL
Mrs. Jolene Creative Kids Preschool 2010-2011
His class L to R
Jayven, Trevor , Gage, Kali, Whyatt, Erin, Allie, Hailey, Ava