Saturday, November 10, 2007

This is Jayven's first 4th of July... We had a great day we went to Great Grandma Thomas' house for a bbq and spent a few hours there and then James and I went to the stadium of fire and saw Brooks and Dunn!! It was a great concert...

We decided to go on a family vacation to California (we miss it so much) this picture was taken on San Clemente beach Jayven loved the water... :) Mom didn't like it so much this time I got a cold right when we pulled into Cali it seemed like. And I was in bed for most of the 3 days we were there. I would love to go back just so we could go swimming.. At least I went, I laid out most of the time and loved doing it!!

Jayven and his first Halloween... He was a skunk he looked so dang cute! I took him and his cousins to a trick or treat during the day and then we went to ALL of his grand parents and great grand parents!! It was a great day not only for him but for James too... Halloween is James' favorite holiday and it meant the world to him to get Jayven all dressed up and take him to the families houses... We left at 4:00 pm and got home at 11:30 pm... what a LONG day!! (the date is wrong sorry)

This picture is the day after we gave Jayven his second hair cut!! This time I got it cut really short... Before we got it cut it went down past his nose in the front and past his shoulders in the back!! I loved it!! We could do it so cute now it is just a mess... James could kick my butt for cutting it but I was getting alot of grief for having it long (Aunt Becky) :) we will keep growing it out again though!! Jayven loves to be with his daddy.. When he wants to play we will lay on the floor and he will come and sit by our heads and scream at us and hit us on the forehead and then we will scare him and he will laugh so hard!! It is great.. He has definately been a blessing to us we love him! :)