Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fun days...

Our trip to the Dino Park! It was a great day to go so we took advantage. Jayven loved it til we got to the inside part and James told him the "real dino's" were going to get him.. He was no longer a fan! Way to go dad!!

Today I decided to take the boys to chuck e cheese. It was super fun! I don't know why but I got more smile pictures of Luke than Jayven.. Mmmm, I just love my kids.. :)

Aren't these so cute! Luke loved all the sounds and lights.. He was laughing while he was looking at me and some lady came up and was saying how cute he was and Luke looked up at her and started spitting and then turned back to me and started laughing! It was the funniest thing ever!! He has a great personality already.. (And attitude) :-)

Luke looking at the lights cause Jayven was playing a game.. By the way Jayven was too scared to get a picture with Chuck e so Luke did by himself!

Monday, March 22, 2010

4 Months old

Luke is now 4 months old and I can't beleive it.. He is growing so big and it makes me so sad.. Soon he'll be Jayven's age and I just can't have it.. lol Might I add that Luke hasn't had the easiest 4 months either.. He has been in primary childrens 2 times, had double ear infections 3 times and right now just getting over RSV and the 3rd set of ear infections. Poor baby.. It doesn't stop him from doing much tho, (besides sleeping thru the night) he wants so badly to sit up, he hates laying down. I give him 2 weeks before he is sitting all alone, he can pretty much do it now, but falls forward once in a while. I swear he is teething from how much drool he has and how he loves to chew on everything.. He has great hand skills already grabs what he wants, he has a rattle thing that he loves to bang around. His favorite is to bang it on his swing tray thingy it makes alot more noise that way! :)

He is rolling over from his belly to back and he can twist his little body over from back to belly but can't get over the arm that is stuck underneath him. lol it is too cute.. He loves to be outside and just look around, the other morning we had the young men come over and airate (sp) our lawn and we sat out on the porch and watched them and he would move his head back and forth as either they came and went or if a car came and went.. It was pretty cute.. He is a VERY smiley baby if you even say the slightest word to him he will smile and shove his hand in his mouth almost like he is shy or so excited to get the attention! Ugh, I just love him!!

Yesterday we couldn't go to church again because the boys are still contagious with RSV so we decided to do alittle trip out to Golden Spike. Let me tell you, WAIST OF MY TIME!!! It was so dumb, it only took 30 min from our house to get there but it was just so silly. Jayven enjoyed the gift shop and standing on the railroad tracks but that is about it. We were there all of a half hour maybe. There were not even real trains there.. How lame huh. So we asked the guy at the desk, if there was anyway we could go see them because Jayven is so in love with trains still. So he called over to the train house where they were working on them and told them they had a little boy who was dying to see them so they let us go up there. It was kinda neat but still silly because they weren't in working condition so Jayven didn't get the full effect of the train like we would have thought he would.. We will definately be finding a new train depot. Maybe the Union Station in Ogden.
I can not figure out how to get my dang pictures to shop up down here!! or how to delete the one sitting sideways so sorry!! Enjoy!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Luke's Blessing

Today we had the opportunity to bless Luke. It was so great and I am so thankful that James is a worthy priesthood holder that can do this for our children. Luke did so good, and James says Luke even started smiling when he was in the middle of the blessing. We were able to have our family be with us today and it was a great turn out. Thank you for everyone that came, we appreciate it. I know it is a far drive but so worth it huh?

Luke has been sick the past week or so, he was tested on monday for RSV and had it, although he didn't show a single sign until yesterday and now it is bad.. :( Its not good, I hope it gets better, his cough just kills me, I hate seeing him sick..

Luke is such a blessing to our family and I love him more than he could ever know. I thank the Lord daily for him to be in our lives...

Mommy and daddy love you Lukas!!