Friday, November 20, 2009


He is here! 6.7 lbs 17.5 inches born at 1:37 am. Everything went great and he is health.. Super cute looks like Jayven. Not as much hair, but what he does have is dark and curly. Haven't gotten to see his eyes yet so not sure what color they are.. They did take him into the NICU cause his breathing was a little fast, but the Pediatrician just came in and said everything looks great and they are bundling him up now to bring him into us.

I couldn't have asked for a better delivery. It was great!! :) If only my pregnancy was as good as my deliveries are. I would have 4 babies by now. Just Kidding..

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween & Baby!!

This year my little Jayven was a dragon for halloween. I loved the costume and thought it was going to be cold so I talked myself into buying it. I don't know why they have to be so expensive.. Oh well, it was cute on him and worth it! He had a lot of fun, we went to trunk or treat which lasted a whole 20 minutes.. When we came home, I thought what is going on? Halloween just isn't what it was when I was a kid, it seemed like we went out all night long and got tons of candy and ran door to door for miles.. What was this parking lot thing all about?? So, my friend Heidi and her kids (who felt the same way) were going door to door around here, so we decided to take Jayven out again. I am so glad we did. He had a great time, although I don't really think he got the concept that you just stand at the door step and say "trick or treat" he seemed to want to go IN the house and say "trick or treat". I was so embarrassed. It was funny tho.. So we made it down 2 blocks and over two blocks and then ended up home after dark with some more candy! Fun night.. Here are some pictures we took of our adventures..
Jayven at the college doing the trick or treat there.
The local grocery store also does one, they give out food! :)
And the trunk or treat...
Some of the candy..

So last week I went to the dr and we had quite the mix up with my due dates and about how things were progressing. To say the least I was really concerned, and confused.. He had my due date 10 days sooner than what we thought, and he told me I was going to be having the baby before the 20th, and if I didn't we scheduled an induction date for the 22nd of November.. So today I went back to the doctor, this time taking James because of the concerns.. Well, it turns out my due date I had was right, not his.. But, I dilated another cm and a half in one week and says by the end of the day if my contractions continue i'll be at a 4. James being a man asked him "so what is the highest you go to? A 5??" the dr kinda laughed and said "when Lyndsay is at a 5 she will be here with her water broke and she will be in active labor, and then added it is a 10 when you are fully dilated". So what does this mean??
I am on meds to stop my contractions and I'm on bed rest... He said as he walked out the door "I'm praying I don't see you before your next appt on Monday, cause if I do you'll be having this baby". I did get an ultrasound and the baby is measuring at 6.5 lbs which he says could be plus or minus a pound and a half. He said it was too late to put me on steroids to help the baby's lungs because he is pretty sure he is going to come before the meds would really work.. Not such a good thing to hear when i am only 34 weeks and 3 days pregnant.. Lets just pray that the medicine helps my contractions and I can wait until at least next week to have the little guy.. Even longer would be great!! :) But until then, I am hurrying to go through the cloths and getting them washed and packing hospital bag.. Just to be safe..
We'll keep everyone posted on what happens!