Sunday, May 23, 2010


It has been a while since I have posted anything and alot has happened.. Not to mention my little Luker is getting so big!! I can't believe how fast they grow!! I just love him.. :) Jayven has finished gymnastics and had his show yesterday. He did great! He really loved it and enjoyed it, I thought for sure he was going to get stage fright but didn't. So fun to watch him do something and enjoy what he is doing.
James has started school for the summer semester and is keeping busy with all of that and I have been working more than I would like to but the money will be nice..
Beware of the pictures there are going to be alot! :)
Jayven doing his horsey kicks!

Walking on the high beam! He does so good, I think it must be a
safety thing that the lady won't let go of him..

Luke loves his swing he just smiles and smiles!

My daddy with Luke

We took Jayven to Uncle Jeremy's and he got to ride the "small" horse!
It was pretty fun to watch..
Yesterday, we went to Idaho for an adventure ride and we ended up going to Shoshone Falls. They are amazing!! I can't believe how big they are.. So pretty too. The wind was horrible tho.

Here is the REAL reason we went to Idaho!! :)
Our new ride! I love it! We have been needing something bigger for a long time
and we finally found a good deal on one so we jumped on it! YAY!!