Sunday, March 27, 2011

30 weeks!

I know this was a few weeks ago but it is the last picture that I have taken.. I am now almost 33 weeks!! :)

I am still feeling great.. I feel her move more and more each day and she really has a thing for my left side with an elbow here and knee there.. I sometimes can't handle how hard she pushes but I guess that is the joy of being pregnant..

I have been craving lots and lots of fruit.. Pineapple in particular.. :) I have been drinking tons of water which in past pregnancies has been fine, i didn't ever have to pee as much but this one I am constantly in the bathroom..

I went to the doctor on Friday and he said things are looking great.. I had him check me since I started dilating at 31 weeks with Lukas.. But good news, I am still not dilated and I am so thankful for that! :) Now it is just a waiting game.

I am also measuring perfectly..

I am so excited to meet my baby girl.. So interested to see what she will look like since Jayven and Luke look so different.. ugh, I can't wait!! YAY!!! :)

Family Vacation

This year we decided to take a last minute trip before the baby gets here.. We were really lucky to find great deals on hotel and tickets to make it even better. We took the boys to Disneyland.. :) I had my doubts about it wondering if Jayven was too young to really enjoy the rides or not but i'm super happy we took him.. He really enjoyed the rides and his favorite was Thunder Mountain Railroad.. Which I actually enjoyed alot too.. It was perfect weather and there was hardly any waits on the rides. We waited for one at Cali Adventure side that was 35 minutes and that was the longest one!! Jayven rode everything we did and there were only like 4 that Lukas couldn't ride.. :) I rode everything that I wanted to and being pregnant didn't stop me a bit.. They really do make that place kid friendly. I would do it again if the opportunity came about.. We also saw all of the characters except Daisy.. We were told she doesn't come out very often since she goes to the breakfast over at PCH.. We were fine with that tho.. Luke really enjoyed seeing most characters and Jayven loved it.. We decided to splurge a little and take him to the restaraunt that my cousin works at, its called Storytellers Cafe, where we ate breakfast with Chip and Dale, Terk, Kenai, and a few others I can't think of right at this second. It was really EXPENSIVE and the food wasn't that great so I guess we paid for the experience which I thought was great. They did parades around the room with the kids and the characters it was super cute and then there was a "camp director" who made the kids part of the "pack" they had a special code to get in and Jayven thought that was super cool. I got it on video for the most part and it was so cute watching him interact with them.. :)
So we did Disney for 3 days and we did the beach for 3 days.. I think this was Luke's favorite part because he wasn't confined to the stroller. We just let him roam the beach. (there weren't many people at all) He wasn't a fan of the water so I wasn't concerned with him getting into it.. He sat on the sand with a stick and played in it and ate a little while he was at it.. :) I got tons of pictures of us at the beach.. I just couldn't resist.. Such perfect days to be there and with not many people there it was really relaxing.. James, on the other hand was kind of disappointed because the tsunami was coming inland when we were at the beach so they told him he couldn't get into the water past his knees.. The waves weren't very big the first day but the swell was pretty bad.. The second day we went to the beach the waves were huge and just kept getting bigger and bigger.. They weren't as big as we have seen before but they were pretty cool looking. Later that night we decided to go back down there and play on the pier and also there is a swing set so we played with they boys and the swings.. Such a perfect night, I didn't want to leave.. It was really good to just be with our little family and spend so much time together. It was really enjoyable and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I love my kids so much and it was fun to see them having fun and enjoying a different environment. Jayven loves the beach and now so does Luke, I wish we still lived out there and that could be apart of our lives alot more often than what it is now.. I miss it out there. ALOT... I'm grateful that James had time off from school so that we could go and I'm also very glad he had such a great attitude out there and the drive wasn't too bad either!! :)

Overall it was a great vacation and I can't wait to do it again!!! I told you I took lots of pictures (500 something) So this might be a picture overload! :) So fun.. Good memories..
If anyone goes to Cali, you need to go to San Clemente and spend the WHOLE time there. LOL Such a great place and great warm inviting people.. :)
My Handsome Boys!
Jayven liked Minnie :)

Jayven waitin to see Mickey Mouse

James and Jayven on tower of terror!!
How cute! :)
Sand Castles Huntington Beach
Pregnant Mama and the boys!

Our pricey Breakfast and the bear (forgot his name)