Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's a???...


I'll post some ultrasound pictures of him soon.. Not feelin too hot right now and think I need to go get some sleep!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

A few more! :)

In order... On Memorial day weekend we had this bright idea to go camping. Little did we know it was going to rain the entire time we were there. Although it rained we had a great time. We went with my dad and brother and then our friends Jared and Jessica came with their two girls Jayden and Jordyn. The kids had an awesome time, and the boys had a fun time being total rednecks building us a "tent" it was pretty awesome, it was a 40 foot by 20 foot tarp that they strung from tree to tree so we had someplace dry to sit.. I wished I would have taken a picture but I guess I didn't.. So here are the pictures!

Zach Jayven and Jade having a snowball fight!
They definately can hold their own! :)
Jayven loves to ride on the 4 wheelers and he always chose to ride with grandpa rather than mom or dad!! Go figure. James is on his tote goat. He loves that thing!
Jared and Jessica taking Jordyn on her first ride! She just fell asleep. They had alot of fun too! Thanks for going guys!!

Jayven is doing the Robot Dance!
And last week we went swimming with friends, it was our 3rd time this year and Jayv loves it!

Jayven with his best friend Jade at the pool! :)

Yesterday we went and saw they air show! Jayven loved the planes!

Thats all for now!! :)


I took Jayven to the zoo a few weeks ago he had alot of fun.. I can't wait til next year to see what he will know and understand then!! :) but here are more pictures!!

I am almost as big as the gorilla!!

I think so far his favorite animal there were the monkeys! He loved how they moved and was so entertained by them! :)
The train ride was his favorite!

Its been a while!!

Well, as most of you already know I have been super sick with this pregnancy and haven't felt up to doing much at all. I have been feeling better in just this last one week so it is looking good but we aren't going to push it too far! :) I have a ton of pictures of Jayven and what he has been up to. He is growing so dang fast and getting cuter and cuter every day. He has also started talking ALOT I guess I shouldn't have worried about anything, it is all coming around now, although he is having a hard time with his "R's" hopefully they will come to him too..
I am going to post a lot of pictures so beware!! Also we find out what the baby is next Thursday the 18th. Let us know what you think we'll have!!

Easter Morning for Jayven
He loved finding the candy
Too Early mom...
Later that morning we went 4 wheeling. Jayven absolutely loved it!!

Easter Egg hunt at Grandma's house!

Jayven and Larissa
I found one!!