Sunday, January 30, 2011

He's 4!!

His presents all opened.. Happy kid..

Today is Jayven's 4th Birthday.. I seriously can't believe I gave birth to this kid 4 years ago!! Its crazy.. Jayven is such a good kid and so dang loving.. Believe me tho he has an attitude and he loves to back talk and think he is the boss which doesn't go over well with me but at the end of the day I love him to pieces!! Don't know what I would do with out him..
Jayven goes to preschool and absolutely loves it and is doing great, he started at this new school in December and he has done so well, and is learning so much.. He loves to go everyday even when he is sick or tired!! (I hope it stays this way)
His 4 year check up went great! The dr said everything looks great and we even got good news that he has probably grown out of his Asthma.. I haven't been giving him breathing treatments medicine daily since last summer. He for sure has allergies and probably wont grow out of those.. Other than that Jayven is a healthy strong little boy!!
He grew 4 inches this year which put him in the 50% for his height and I don't remember what his weight was but he is in the 70%.. For him that is great, he has always been below 50% usually only 30% for everything..

We did a birthday party for him and his friends this year and he had a great time!! They played some games and really enjoyed it.. He has been looking forward to his party for weeks.. We even had to make a countdown for the fridge..

Today we took him to the circus and I thought we would enjoy it alot more but it was LONG which is good for your money purposes but when you have a baby who is too little to walk or sit alone and too big to sit on your lap and be held the whole time got old.. Jayven was ready to go half way through it but we pushed through and it was fun all together.. The elephants were our favorite part, they were so cute. :) The rest of the day was just us at home relaxing enjoying the evening before a hectic week again...

Jayven mommy and daddy love you so much!!

Jordyn, Jayden, Jaycee, Jayven, Lukas at the circus..
I know Lukes mouth is cut off but its a cute pic anyway.. :)
Jayven, Jayden, and Ellie rode the elephant and LOVED it..

boys will be boys..
Jayven has been wanting a 4 wheeler so bad so we decided to get him one!!
So excited to see what it is!
Birthday Party: Kenzi, Revin, Quaid, Jayven, Lukas, Swayzi, Jayden, Jordyn

Sack races.
Pop the balloon!
Tired Birthday Boy and daddy fast asleep.. So precious...
Love you Jayven!!

Belly pic

I am now 24 weeks and 4 days and I finally remembered to take a pic of my belly.. I am carrying more in my back with this baby so not much belly.. :) but here it is anyways.. Thanks to James I have half a head!! oh well.. lol

Sunday, January 23, 2011

We are....

For those of you who haven't heard we are EXPECTING!!! We are super excited to be having a baby, I am due in May.. We found out the day before Thanksgiving that we are having a GIRL!! I am really really excited to be having a girl, it will be the first girl in my family since my sister Britteny was born which was 21 years ago!! James' brother had a girl 6 months before we had Jayven but we are still super excited for another girl on his side of the family..
I made calendars with pictures for each month and with May i did the ultrasound pictures that we got done and it turned out way stinking cute!! I am way glad I decided to do it.. They took me FOREVER to get done!! It seems like it took me months to actually finish them and it was down to the day that I had to order.. I spent 2 days straight doing them so I could get them done.. But I would do it all over again.. We gave them to our parents and had them open them it was really fun seeing the different reactions people gave us because at this time I was 19 weeks and 4 days and we found out at 4 weeks so we kept it in a LONG time and believe me it was HARD I still can't believe we did it but it was sure fun!!
James is really excited to have a little girl.. It is going to be super different from having 2 boys but i'm sure we'll manage and she will be a daddy's girl for sure. Even tho right now she will stop kicking the instant James goes for my belly.. We just can't wait for her to arrive!!
I have only taken one picture of my belly and it was the 23rd of December so 19 weeks!! Can't even tell I am pregnant but now that we have told people she has decided to grow and make me fat!! ;)

19 weeks with Baby Girl!!

Christmas 2010

Thomas Family Christmas Eve 2010

James, Jayven, Lukas Christmas Eve
Brothers!! :)

A visit from Santa, as you can see Lukas was not too fond of him! lol

This Christmas was super fun with both of the boys being so excited!! Jayven was excited this year and I think he really understood what it was all about. He actually went to bed great and slept great!! On Christmas Eve we watched the Grinch and played a game that Jayven made in school which was Don't Eat Pete, it was really fun to sit down as a family and play a game. Then we went upstairs and opened out Eve presents which was Pajamas I was able to get the boys matching ones that was fun seeing them match!
Christmas morning we woke up and did presents and took a break to eat breakfast and then went back for some more. Jayven was actually ok with doing that too and it made it feel like it lasted longer!!! I have always had such a hard time with people saying their Christmas is over in a half hour.. Seems so fast for something you wait for for an entire year!! :) We made it last!!

Then we were on the road for our long day of visiting. We started of by going to Aunt Tessie's where we saw Grandma Tammy too. The boys love their auntie and grandma.. They had fun running around and Jayven sat down and told grandma all that he got for his big day.. Then we gave grandma her present and tessie watched and they were super excited about it!! It was fun to see their reactions to it.. (I'll post again and say what it was). When we were done there we headed to Grandpa Troy's house we hung out there for a while and gave grandpa, zach, and britt their presents and then headed to Grandpa Dan's house.. We gave them their gifts and hung out chatting for a while then headed to the Great Grandparents house it was really nice seeing them. It is really hard because they are getting so old but it was really nice seeing them and talking to them.. Sometimes they didn't quite understand what we were saying so Grandma would just laugh and pretend.. It was pretty cute. We went to Great Grandma Sue's house after that where Grandma Michele was and they boys got to visit. We enjoyed a great Christmas dinner and visited with cousins, aunts, uncles. My family is growing so much it is hard to get everyone together but when we do it is total chaos and fun!! I wouldn't have it any other way!! My Grandma told us on Thanksgiving how grateful she is that our family has grown so much and is as close together as it is, and I couldn't agree more. It is great to have so many of us and its just getting bigger there will be 3 more great grand kids in the family this year!!
We ended our night visiting with Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Ash, we haven't seen them for a long time so we made the effort to go and visit them in Santiquin which from our house is like we live on totally opposite ends of UT. We were really happy to see them and Jayven enjoyed himself running around wild.. We got into the car and not 5 minutes later both the boys were fast asleep. Such a long busy day but a great one at that!!!

I didn't get many pictures but here are a few that I did get!!
Luke's way of opening presents..
Jayven's moon dough..
Luke got a car from Santa and he absolutely LOVES it!!

I don't know what happened to the rest of my pictures but Jayven got Geo Air Trax from Santa but the picture is missing! :(