Friday, August 7, 2009

Vacation Time!!

We just got back today after a wonderful 7 day vacation to California.. It was a much needed vacation and was awesome! We left last Friday and headed for vegas, and then from there we went to Cali for 4 nights and then back to Vegas for a night... We had a blast.. My dad and brother joined us so it was good to have company.. :) The first day in San Diego we went to Sea World, which is always fun, but alot funner with kids.. Jayven just loved all the fish and they even have a few rides now for the little ones.. It has changed alot since I went 3 years ago.. My camera was not working for the first half of the day so everything is on video and i don't know how to post video clips on here.. :( The second day we went to the beach which was really fun, Jayven learned how to boogie board and he loved it! we took him out pretty far and let him ride the waves in he would fall off and get up and say "again again" so he did it for a few hours.. James and I were also boarding so we didn't get any pictures, just video.. So when I figure out how to post them I will.. That night My dad and Zach went out on a fishing trip that lasted thru til the next day so it was good that James, Jayven and I had a night and day to our selves.. They had a great time fishing and caught three fish, I cant beleive how big a tuna fish is, one Albecore, and two yellow fins.. It was neat.. So the third day James, Jayven and I went up onto Camp Pendleton and did a little shopping which is nice cause it is so much cheaper, and then we went and saw our old house. I'm super jealous at how nice it is now that the civilian contractors took over they have made things so much nicer up there.. We wish we were back out there really bad.. Good times.. I also took Jayven to a military barber shop and had his hair cut in a medium high which is a military cut.. He is so stinkin cute! :) And he didn't move once or make a single sound during his cut.. The final day in Cali we went to the beach again but didn't stay long cause we went onto the MCRD and went thru the historical museum for the Marine Corps.. It was really cool, and I have never been on that base so it was interesting, it brought back old memories for James going thru boot camp cause that is where it is held.. I wish I would have gone to his graduation.. We got into vegas that night about 9 and stayed up playing in the arcade til 1 a.m. that was fun too.. Yesterday we woke up late and we still needed to go turn in our tickets for prizes so we thought we'd hurry and do it well, we ended up staying and playing til 3:30. Oops which made for a late night getting back to American Fork..
What a great vacation though.. Thanks James for taking the time off work to take us, it was really fun.. :) I hope Jayven remembers it forever! Now for lots of pictures! Sorry so many, but there are too many to choose from...

The latest picture of my belly... 21 1/2 weeks..