Thursday, March 27, 2008


Here is the bunny Jayven won at the Easter egg hunt!!
He had to eat everything that was in his basket including the money that his grandpa gave him!!
Eating the bread that was for the ducks!! I couldn't tell who was hungrier! :)
He sure does love his daddy!!
Well, we had a great easter! Jayven had a fun time at the Easter egg hunt on saturday morning, we took him to springville and he won a bunny that is bigger than him... :) Pretty cute! Then on Sunday we had Easter morning at my dads and then we went and visited everyone else! It was a great day! We didn't get home til 9 p.m. but it was worth the day! I have a few pictures.. Oh yeah, we went to the park and fed the ducks! Jayven chased them all over, but i think the best part was he would get a piece of bread to throw to the ducks and he would just eat it instead!!! It was great!