Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lukas is 1 year old!!!

Luke makes this funny face and we love it!! The noise is great too!

Yesterday my baby turned 1 and it was such a great day for him!! He had a great time and was so happy with his presents!! Most people know he LOVES dogs so he got 3 different ones last night and loves them all! It was so cute to see him open them he laughed and smiled.. So cute! He got a sweater from his great grandma and it had a teddy bear on the front of it and he actually licked it. It was pretty funny I don't know why or where he got that from but it was funny..
My dad and I made his cake this year and it turned out pretty darn cute if I say so myself.. I did have a hard time with the sheep and the chicks but the cows and pigs turned out adorable!! The barn looked like a school house for a while but we added some little touches and it turned out Awesome!! So thank you Daddy!! :)
He loved his cake and ate the whole thing! He didn't quite know what to do at the beginning but he got it down and loved it! Thank you for everyone that was able to make it especially because of the snow and bad weather.. I love you Luke!!
Here are a few pictures..
My dad reading one of the books he gave him.

The doggy Jayven gave to Luke. It makes barking noises...
More toys...

The sweater he licked! :)

Eating the cupcake!

Singing happy birthday!

The cake!! :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Our week of Adventures!! Picture overload

This week James took his vacation days so we decided to do a few things.. I don't know why but it ended up being an animal adventure.. First we went to the Dinosaur Museum in Lehi. That night we spent the night at the Holiday Inn Express that has a water park inside of it and it was super fun! The next day we went to the Zoo. James has only been with us to the zoo once since Jayven was born so it was super fun to have him go with us!! When we left the kids were out before we got to the main road! It was pretty funny so worn out.. We ended up stopping in Layton to go to dinner and since we were right by Chuck E Cheese and we LOVE going there thats where we ended up for a few hours. That was also nice to have James go cause it has been a while since he has gone with us.. So later on that night we got home and we were debating on a few ideas on what to do the rest of the week.. So we finally decided we would get up the next morning and head to Yellowstone!! :) We left at like 10 and made it there by 2 with a few stops in Pocatello and Rexburg. We got there and got into our room and headed for the road again! First we saw some elk and buffalo and then on to Old Faithful. We just barely missed it so we had to wait over an hour for the next one. Not so fun when you have kids that just want to go go and go and a husband who just wanted to sit. lol So I walked with the boys a bit and sat for a bit.. It finally happened and then we were off again.. Jayven thought it was pretty cool but he didn't understand that it was a natural thing and not just a cool water fall. Onto our next adventure was to Hayden Valley where we could see some more animals. We were able to see 2 coyote, 1 wolf, 5 BEARS, buffalo, and some more elk! Jayven absolutely loved seeing the bears it was pretty neat it was a momma and 3 cubs grizzlies, and then another area we saw the 5th bear which was a black bear. Fun! :) We were told by a few people that bears were no where to be found, we didn't believe them but also wanted to see them so we searched and searched. One lady told us that they were headed higher to find hibernation! LOL didn't they just get out of hibernation?? we seriously just laughed.. We saw them so it was all good..
We headed back to the hotel because the road was closed after a certain hour and we weren't sure what time it closed so we hurried back we got to the room and went to eat and it was the WORST experience ever!! Gross food!!! So James rushed back to the room because he was sick to his tummy, Luke fell and cut his eye open, we got kicked out of our hotel room.. Talk about a bad night!! We were so ready to get home.. We left the next morning saw more animals, Grand Tetons, Jackson Hole, Bear Lake and home!! We couldn't be happier to be home it was an extremely long drive with the boys!!
Here are some pictures of our adventures.. Random order...
Dinosaur Museum


The Hotel Pool

Waitin for Old Faithful

Chuck E Cheese
Grand Teton

Bears!! :)

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Brigham City Temple!!

Shovel Stick with engravings

Today was an awesome day.. We were able to witness the groundbreaking of the new Temple that is going to be in Brigham where we live! We are so excited and it is really neat watching the progress that has already happened with it and more to come! President Packer presided today at the ceremony. He and his sweet wife are from Brigham City so I am sure they are just thrilled that they get to be such a big part in this temple. He is the one that suggested the looks and where it was going to stand. It is beautiful, looks alot like the Salt Lake Temple. We live a block and a half away from it so its great!! Jayven got to shake hands with Elder Nelson, touch President Packers hand as he got in his van and Turn the dirt for the Temple.. What an experience for him!! :) Here are some pictures!!
Jayven Turning the dirt
President Packer
Turning the dirt

Picture of the Temple
Elder Nelson

Can't leave one out of Lukas! :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010


It has been a while since I have posted anything and alot has happened.. Not to mention my little Luker is getting so big!! I can't believe how fast they grow!! I just love him.. :) Jayven has finished gymnastics and had his show yesterday. He did great! He really loved it and enjoyed it, I thought for sure he was going to get stage fright but didn't. So fun to watch him do something and enjoy what he is doing.
James has started school for the summer semester and is keeping busy with all of that and I have been working more than I would like to but the money will be nice..
Beware of the pictures there are going to be alot! :)
Jayven doing his horsey kicks!

Walking on the high beam! He does so good, I think it must be a
safety thing that the lady won't let go of him..

Luke loves his swing he just smiles and smiles!

My daddy with Luke

We took Jayven to Uncle Jeremy's and he got to ride the "small" horse!
It was pretty fun to watch..
Yesterday, we went to Idaho for an adventure ride and we ended up going to Shoshone Falls. They are amazing!! I can't believe how big they are.. So pretty too. The wind was horrible tho.

Here is the REAL reason we went to Idaho!! :)
Our new ride! I love it! We have been needing something bigger for a long time
and we finally found a good deal on one so we jumped on it! YAY!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fun days...

Our trip to the Dino Park! It was a great day to go so we took advantage. Jayven loved it til we got to the inside part and James told him the "real dino's" were going to get him.. He was no longer a fan! Way to go dad!!

Today I decided to take the boys to chuck e cheese. It was super fun! I don't know why but I got more smile pictures of Luke than Jayven.. Mmmm, I just love my kids.. :)

Aren't these so cute! Luke loved all the sounds and lights.. He was laughing while he was looking at me and some lady came up and was saying how cute he was and Luke looked up at her and started spitting and then turned back to me and started laughing! It was the funniest thing ever!! He has a great personality already.. (And attitude) :-)

Luke looking at the lights cause Jayven was playing a game.. By the way Jayven was too scared to get a picture with Chuck e so Luke did by himself!