Saturday, February 9, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Well, here it is the house we have bought!! (although we haven't closed yet) We close on this house on February 20 and we can move in on the 23rd! We are so excited! I had no idea how exciting it would be to actually say that we are going to have a house! James and I are really excited about moving and having our OWN place! We have a had a house once in Cali but this one is just going to be OURS! So I hope and pray that everything will work out! Only like 2 more weeks! YAY!!! I will post again and show more pictures later....


So here is some pictures from Jayven's 1st birthday!! And above is the picture of one of the cakes that James and I made for him!! Let me just tell you that was one BIG project! We started it at 9 a.m. and finished it at 3 p.m. it took forever!! But it was well worth it! He loved it! I do have to say though it took some getting used to but by the second family party he loved it! :)
I can not believe he is ONE year old! It has gone by so fast! He is such a handsome boy! He is a smart boy too! He has been a great joy in our life and I can't wait for more birthdays and more years to come! And hopefully we'll have more babies to enjoy these birthdays and years to come!