Saturday, July 31, 2010

Brigham City Temple!!

Shovel Stick with engravings

Today was an awesome day.. We were able to witness the groundbreaking of the new Temple that is going to be in Brigham where we live! We are so excited and it is really neat watching the progress that has already happened with it and more to come! President Packer presided today at the ceremony. He and his sweet wife are from Brigham City so I am sure they are just thrilled that they get to be such a big part in this temple. He is the one that suggested the looks and where it was going to stand. It is beautiful, looks alot like the Salt Lake Temple. We live a block and a half away from it so its great!! Jayven got to shake hands with Elder Nelson, touch President Packers hand as he got in his van and Turn the dirt for the Temple.. What an experience for him!! :) Here are some pictures!!
Jayven Turning the dirt
President Packer
Turning the dirt

Picture of the Temple
Elder Nelson

Can't leave one out of Lukas! :)