Monday, September 28, 2009

In Loving Memory

My uncle Tom passed away on 9-11-09 a day that was already unforgettable but now has more meaning than before. He was such a great guy and I will always have fond memories of him. I am going to miss him greatly but I know he is in a better place having a reunion of a life time with his mom, dad and two brothers that passed before he did. Not to mention all the grandparents and great grandparents. We held his services this past weekend and they were great. We could feel his spirit so strong and I am very happy that I had a part in helping out with those. The graveside was great where we heard from My dad (Troy), Uncle Jon, Ryan, and Aunt Marilyn. They all had great things to say about Tom, I don't know of anyone who could say anything bad about Tom though. Anyone who knew him were welcomed with open arms and a smile on his face. He will definately be missed by all who knew him.
On sunday afternoon, Ryan, Amey, Asher, Troy, Jon, Britteny, Zach, Jayven and myself went up the canyon to a beautiful waterfall and spread some of his ashes. What an experience that was, I have never done anything like that and I will remember it always. We also planted a tree up there that we will be able to go back for many years to watch grow. We know Tom will keep it alive and allow us to remember him by looking at it. A few hours passed by as we listened to Ryan play his madalin and listened to a "few" of Tom's favorite songs, man what a peaceful day it was not to mention the beautiful weather we had. We all know Tom had something to do with that, Tom hated coming to UT in the bad weather, and he always loved fall, so we had the sight of the beautiful leaves and the warm mountain breeze.. We could not have asked for a better situation. Thanks Tom..
Tom, I just wanted to say Thank you for all the great memories we were able to make and especially the ones of you and my son. He loved you and loved being with you. I have some wonderful pictures of you and him and I will always cherish those. Please remember you will always be in my heart and I will NEVER forget you. I love you, and until we meet again...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


It has been one week!! I am doing great, back to a normal routine from having my gall bladder removed. They did keep me til Friday evening to monitor the baby because when I came out of surgery I was having contractions.. (Don't want the baby yet) Baby is doing great though, I am so thankful for the Doctors that were apart in this surgery I couldn't have had more faith in them.. Dr. Hansen has always been good to take care of me and he made sure he was there before they took me in and he was bedside with me not even an hour after I was finished and continued to come and check on me.. If anyone is in need of a good OB he is GREAT!! My surgeon was actually a lady to my surprise, but she did great and made me feel great before and after.
She actually said she is very happy she decided to do the surgery sooner rather than later because the gall stones were horrible, and I wouldn't have lasted through my pregnancy, so we did it at a great time.. I go back in to see her on the 8th to see how my incisions are looking.. I don't even notice that 3 of them are there so I guess that is a good sign, and I think the only reason why I notice my belly button one is because of the stretching and all the kicking this kid does! ;) Other than that doing great!
Thank you for all the phone calls and prayers!