Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lukas is 1 year old!!!

Luke makes this funny face and we love it!! The noise is great too!

Yesterday my baby turned 1 and it was such a great day for him!! He had a great time and was so happy with his presents!! Most people know he LOVES dogs so he got 3 different ones last night and loves them all! It was so cute to see him open them he laughed and smiled.. So cute! He got a sweater from his great grandma and it had a teddy bear on the front of it and he actually licked it. It was pretty funny I don't know why or where he got that from but it was funny..
My dad and I made his cake this year and it turned out pretty darn cute if I say so myself.. I did have a hard time with the sheep and the chicks but the cows and pigs turned out adorable!! The barn looked like a school house for a while but we added some little touches and it turned out Awesome!! So thank you Daddy!! :)
He loved his cake and ate the whole thing! He didn't quite know what to do at the beginning but he got it down and loved it! Thank you for everyone that was able to make it especially because of the snow and bad weather.. I love you Luke!!
Here are a few pictures..
My dad reading one of the books he gave him.

The doggy Jayven gave to Luke. It makes barking noises...
More toys...

The sweater he licked! :)

Eating the cupcake!

Singing happy birthday!

The cake!! :)