Monday, October 26, 2009

Overdue update!!

We have had such a busy month so far.. James and I went on the deer hunt!! That was great, it was so nice to be gone from the everyday life stuff down here, just able to enjoy the outdoors and see all the animals!! Opening morning James got a buck!! It was a big surprise for us because last year we didn't see anything.. We tagged it with my tag so that he could continue to hunt.. We saw more bucks this year than we did all year last year.. My brother got his first buck and my dad got him self one too.. We filled 3 out of 4 tags.. But shot, 6 deer... I either have to say Jeremy and dad you suck at shooting or it just wasn't time for those bucks to die! :) Oh, well we have plenty of buck meat to last us til next years hunt!! Jayven came up and joined us on monday and he had a GREAT time! I loved having him up there, yes the 5 a.m. alarm for him wasn't that great but the afternoon nap was great for all.. We saw lots of moose this year too, and Jayven got to see the Mommy, baby, and daddy moose it was really neat.. Here are a few pictures of camp and stuff, my camera was dead the day James got his deer so I didn't even get a picture of it, Dangit..

Jayven loves the 4 wheeler as you can tell!! :)

On Saturday James and I took Jayven to Cornbelly's.. We had a blast.. It rained a little bit but it didn't stop us from having fun.. We did the corn maze and they even had a trick or treat corn maze for the kiddies.. It was pretty fun.. Then we went and picked out some pumpkins so we could go home and carve them for family home evening... So Sunday night thats what we did.. Jayven loved it and wanted to help as much as he could.. I wish we would have gotten one more pumpkin so he could do a face on one.. Maybe I will one day this week.. So here are our pictures from our adventures..