Sunday, April 10, 2011

A much needed visit

Last week I took my boys to see my Grandpa Don.. It has been way too long and I have been feeling like I needed to get there but always seem to get distracted.. I am really happy that we went and he was happy we were there.. He smiled once and said "uh huh" once.. That was great enough for me!!
My dad had a bright idea to take him some sugar cookies that he had made the night before and Grandpa LOVED them!! :) It was so funny because he started drooling when I showed him what we had brought and then he would open his mouth WIDER than I have ever seen.. LOL So cute.. The nurse came by and told me just to break off little pieces for him to eat but there was NO way I was putting my fingers near those chompers.. haha he did just fine biting the cookie. ;)
I was able to get some good pictures and I hope my boys will be able to remember him and know that he was here.. They wont know him like I did but they will know they had a Great Grandpa Don.. I pointed to each of the kids ( I also had my nephew Kaisen, bro, and dad) and Grandpa would look at each one as I pointed to them, I told him I was having a baby girl and that is when I got the SMILE!! It couldn't have made me more HAPPY!! He held my hand which is great, because he usually just holds his own hands but I got him to let go and hold mine..
I just love him and am so grateful to have him as a Grandpa.. I miss him alot around but I know that he knows I'm here..
Here are some pictures I was able to get.. Enjoy!!
Jayven, Lukas, Kaisen holding Great Grandpa's Hand

We told him to say "cheese" and he looked at the camera!! :)