Wednesday, November 30, 2011

6 Months & 2 Years!!

Lukas just had a birthday and turned 2 years old!! I have no idea how time has flown by so dang fast but this little stinker is already giving me a run for my money.. He is SO wild and has to be doing what Jayven is doing and more!! He loves to jump off of the couch and do flips and be as daring as can be! He is insane!! But, holy crap he is so stinkin cute!! We just cut his hair and he looks so much older than he did with long hair.. So cute. I just love him
Here are his stats:
Weight-23.11 pounds = 7th%
Height-33 Inches = 28th%
Head-18 3/4 Inches = 30th%
My little man is TINY!!! lol he is a short skinny kiddo...

Josie turned 6 Months on November 6th! She is just the best thing ever so dang pretty and such a HAPPY baby!! I could seriously not ask for a happier baby. I love her! She is rolling over and sitting up and she is inches away from crawling it will just be days before she gets to it. :)
Here are her stats:
Weight-17.5 pounds = 70th%
Height- 27.5 inches = 97th%
Head- 16.5 inches = 40th%
Ok so here you see Josie is only 5.5 Inches smaller than Luke!! Holy crap!! it is so funny taking them places if Luke is not talking people think they are twins.. lol
I love my kiddos so much!! :)

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