Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pictures of Josie

Sleepin with her daddy! So precious

Josie's first concert :) she loved it!! Clint Black June 4, 2011
I think this is so cute how she puts her fingers.
Josie Kaye 1 month old!!!

This picture is so funny!! lol

her belly button

Josie is now a month old and I can't believe it!! She is getting so big. I love her to pieces.. I never thought I would/could love a little girl so much!! But she is just great... I love putting dresses on her (another thing I thought I would NEVER do or say). She has hair and lots of it so I love to put bows and headbands on her. Her head is so small tho that most of the ones I have don't fit well enough.. She is doing great and sleeping even better.. She only wakes up 1 time in the night and then goes right back to sleep, and I don't know if she knows when James leaves for work or what but she will wake up when he leaves and I will pull her into bed with me and she will put her arm on my face and go back to sleep.. It is the sweetest thing EVER!! mmm i just love that girl! lol here are some random pictures we have gotten of her..
Her two week stats were:
7 lbs 8 oz 35%
20.5 in 75%
head: 13.5 in 50%
She smiles alot! And she has such cute dimples!!

Her binki is almost as big as her face! lol

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